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Fun Fact about Yirall

Yirall is social media platform to engage the users with right contents and provides the opportunity to reach the world. Users will be badged as celebrity, Upcoming Stars, sportsman, Officials, social workers etc based on the popularity, talent & trending content

Users can watch the latest trending on Sports & fitness. Also, they can create respective content to create awareness.

Users can watch and upload fun-full/stress buster creativity.

Users can be up-to-date on latest moves about Education, Technology & science. Also, can create awareness content about Education, Technology & science

Post the success stories and learnings of own experience or about someone inspired you. Enable the users to broadcast the experience in fields & to inspire the generation.

Enabling the users to post the special moments of life.

Unlashing the power of users to reach the world by Posting the experience, Provide Reviews/Feedbacks to create awareness.


Core Features


To enable the human to access & share the right content to make the social media platform impactful and valuable.


Utrend believes that social media can be leveraged to bridge the gap of social needs & still can be entertaining. there is a lot of individual talents out there that aren’t recognised.

Why Yirall

We’re here to change the trend that based on the app that anyone, be it a student, sportsman, housewife, or even a working professional could use to bring their creativity to the world.


Social Platform to empower the human to create social impact, social awareness & Promote the unique skills to world.


Let’s make the social world impactful, inspiring and meaningful for all genre

Core Features


This will allow users to Create, manage and track the social, fitness & other entertaining type of challenges to bring the positive changes in society.

60S :

Users can upload the 60 seconds short videos for fun

Lost & Found

This will help society to report the lost & found of their valuables, elders and children. Robust Algo will work based on locations & latest reports.


Individuals can participate in contest based on talents such as Photography contest, Science Contest, Singing contest etc. Also, users can post the unique interpersonal skills in open talent.

Medical Aid

To connect the user needs medical Aids with volunteers such as Blood & platelets emergency needs.

Social Aid

To connect the user needs the social Aids with volunteers such as books & uniform, Food, Blanket needs. This will help Corporates to reach nearby real needy for CSR activities.


About Yirall

The online social marketplace is currently very fragmented. Though there are many platforms to connect induvial with friends, fans & customers; none provide a platform for catering the social need & address the existing problems. Here is a start-up that is aiming to consolidate and become the single platform for valuable content, fulfilling social needs. Also, Platform will help showcasing individual talents and help them to the reach the world